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WK0101-09 / 0201-09 / 0301-09

Fabric : Nylon 80% / Elastain 20%
Variations : 3 colors each

Groovin’ Swim Wear Series, A.K.A., AQUASAPIEN that we proudly present, has been dsesigned with the finest materials.
The top rate of water-shedding fabric, strongly stiched with double structure, our professionals have put
their best effort on this our unique AQUASAPIEN series.
Our colorful swimsuit will let you stand out by the shore, yet quality is as high as the competition swimsuit.
Various designs and shapes are prepared for you!
Every kind of suit shapes….Brief, Boxer, Bikini, and Super low-rise, you name it, are all here for you to pick.
We are sure you find your special, and the best fit swimsuit here.

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