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Fabric : Nylon 92% / Lycra 8%
Variations : 9 colors

Groovin’s stylish leggings series tighten your body in the best shape, and also perfect for exercise.
Tough and strong structure and good fittings are the most important features for leggings, especially for the hard exercise, like running.Our leggings, weaved with strong fiber, allow you to do any kind of execise by fitting and support to your body perfectly.Furthermore, we are proud to present 9 colorful variety of colors to choose from in half and long leggings,
these colorful variation are rare as mens fitness wear.

LG0201 - S LG0202 - S LG0203 - S LG0204 - S LG0205 - S LG0206 - S LG0207 - S LG0208 - S LG0209 - S

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